Thursday, September 25, 2008

My new bed

My momma bought me a new bed.. actually two of them. One for my crate and one for the floor in our living room. They are so nice and comfy and get this -- I get new ones again after um-com-time whatever that is. Mom said she is gonna order me this thingy for my crate called a Primo-Pad. She said shes been reading about them and that they are supposed to be wonderful and cool even in the hot summer. Anyone of you have them or know about them? Are they wonderful like mom says?? I'm looking forward to getting one. Any suggestions on colors? They come in seven colors. Purple, Teal, Navy, Red, Black,Tan, Grey. I can't decide what color to get. HELP!!! Mom's favorite thing about them is the lifetime guarantee. Supposedly they claim if I ever tear it up in anyway they will replace it for free. I am gonna have fun testing this theory out!!!

I don't know what this "um-com-time" thingy is but I can't wait for it. All sorts of new things are coming my way then. I get my primo-pad, a new crate. Cuz moms biped bent the door on my old one. :-( Toys and all kinds of other things. Not to mention all the other new toys and things I hear the pawrents talking about.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Huzzie Pose

I have taken notice that everyone has been recently posting their "hussie poses". Well I am not a big fan of this pose unless my tummie is being rubbed. But I have a few family members who are professionals at it. So I am going to take the liberty of posting their pics. Here they are in all their glory --

Pip and Oreo two of fuzzie siblings.

This is 'Nova, Oreo, and Pip. All 3 of my fuzzie siblings.

This is Pip in her hammock and Oreo below her. Trying to look cute and innocent. But trust me their (all three of them) are master hussies.

Play bows,