Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Pics

Most of my HTH friends have seen these pics. But everyone else hasn't, So I stole moms camera and got some of them for everyone to see.

Notice anything the same about these two pics? Mom says I always have my toung sticking out. . I just don't understand what she is talking about. Do you?

Pinned by the DWB. . He may have won this round. I will get him next time I swear!!! Afterall this was my very 1st snow!!! It's on next snow day!

Here I go tryingtoget my revenge indoors. But for some reason mom and dad won't let us wrestle inside. Something about not wanting us to break stuff . . Like we'd do that. . We are angels!!

Can you believe this knucklehead let mom put this on him?? An then had the nerve to smile about it. . . He makes me sick. He needs to take some lessons from me, or our friend Sasha. She has an embarassing sister named Isis who lets the humans put things on her too. So she knows what I am talking about.

Well I guess thats about all for now. Don't forget to sponsor us for the Hike N Howl. We need all the help we can get to help out all the doggies like us. Who if it werent for rescue wouldn't have had a chance in the world. Thanks everyone!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Please sponsor us!!!

Tristin, mom, dad, and myself are all hiking with Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue at the first annual Hike & Howl. It's going to be a really cool benefit hike on Saturday, Septemeber 1st, 2007, at the Norristown Farm Park in Norristown, PA. We are all hiking in our sister Nanook's memory. See the pics above for pics of her!! She was a REAL beauty!!!

The Hike N Howl is a benefit event to help support dogs like us that the Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues help. The Allicance of Northern Breed Rescues is Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue, and MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue & Referral. All well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed to come hike with us. Or your humans friends who don't have dogs can come too!!! Or tell me how cool is this... You can hike in the memory of a loved one!!!

Me, Tristin, mom and dad are all hiking together in our baby sisters memory. To make a long story short. DWB met mom and Nanook our sister at our vets office the day mom had to help Nanook over the rainbow bridge. It turned out that someone poisoned her. After morning Nanook mom adopted me and DWB from Harnessed to Hope. Then she joined them to help out other doggies like us.

So thanks to our lil angel sister Nanook we found our mommy, daddy and our fur ever home. So in her memory we are hiking for her. To help other doggies like us find good homes. Please Please Please won't you sponsor us at the Hike & Howl and help us help other dogs like us find great fur ever homes?!?!

We will be adding a paypal button later on in the week to make it easier but if for the time being you would please go to www.HIKENHOWL.com and click on the Pledge Information button the left hand side of the page. Then look for the picture of us (Quincy & Tristin) and click on our paypal button. We would REALLY appreciate it as would all the fuzzies you would be helping us help. Thanks so much everyone!!!

Love and Licks,
Quincy & Tristin

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our ferret siblings

Just as promised we are posting pics of our ferret siblings. They are pretty cool, they make these really cool "squeaking noises" when they are playing. Its cool it sounds like a cooing baby or a cat puring to us. But there are four of them. Mom says its best to keep more than one of them. That way they can keep each other busy and happy. So I guess they are kinda like huskies.... you can't have just one!!

This picture is of Romeo (the albino one) and of Macbeth. Romeo was moms first ferret and the one who started her obsession with them. Mom fell in love with him and begged dad for weeks. Dad kept telling her no that they didn't need a ferret. Mom keep nagging dad and won out like she ALWAYS does. Macbeth was dads ferret, but according to mom he bit dad and drew blood right after mom and aunt Liz bought him for dad. An he has been moms ever since.

This is Romeo again.

This picture is of Juliet the Lil peanut. She is what is known as a sable ferret. She is the only female one in the pack. She was moms second ferret. Mom went into a pet store to buy food for her "zoo" at the time. An saw a sign for a ferret in box/pen with the birds. (Which is NOT smart, ONE ferret can kill a Macaw parrot in seconds flat). She asked to see it and they told her there was nothing in there as the man shook out the towel and out rolled Juliet and the rest is history. Dad told her no, she said yes please. So dad bought her for mom for her birthday. The other ferret in the pic that you can actually see is Macbeth again. Notice a theme?... Shakespeare.... Romeo, Juliet, Macbeth. Mom loves Shakespeare.

This is Macbeth again.

This picture is of mom with the four fuzzies. From left to right. It Macbeth, Casanova or 'Nova as he's more often called, Juliet, and Romeo. Just PLEASE DON'T tell mom we posted this pic. She HATES pictures and will kill us for posting this pic.

Mom knows ALOT about ferrets if you ever have any questions about them, or any animal for that matter ask her. She is always talking to people about animals. An she has this thing she calls her "pet binder". We tore up a few pages of it once and boy was mom mad!!! They were yummy tho....

Our own personal tag game.

Ya know we have been thinking and we are getting tagged by everyone and we never have the chance to tag anyone. Because by the time we get tagged everyone we know has already done it. So we are coming up with our own tag game. Hope you all get tagged at some point by someone!! We also hope you have as much fun doing this as we did. Some of the questions may have been asked on other ones but Oh well... So here goes nothing . .

You have been hit with the "tag bug". I am tagging Indy, Sasha, Holly, and Magic & Georgie to answer the following questions and then each tag 5 people to do the same. Have fun and "Happy tagging"

  1. Where is your favorite place to sleep??

  2. Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats??

  3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would you do and with whom??

  4. What is your favorite toy??

  5. If you could change one thing in your life. What would you change??

Now to be fair to everyone we will answer the questions and start the game. Here are my answers (Quincys)

  1. I love to sleep in my crate. Everyone leaves me alone when I go in there. Mom even makes her kids leave me alone when I am in there.

  2. Yes, its embarassing but mom makes me "shake" or "give hi-five".

  3. I would spend the entire day with my mom and dad playing in the mud. Its my day right? I didn't say mom and dad would enjoy it. ;-)

  4. I love my stuffed kitty that my foster parents gave me. An my kong because it's always filled with goodies.

  5. I would like to see my sister more often. I often wonder how she is doing. I frequently find myself wondering how she is and hoping she is as happy as I am!!

Now I guess I will let the DWB answer the questions. . . Hi everyone Tristin here and here are my answers to our questions:

  1. I love to sleep on the sofa with the pillows. I love the softness of it.

  2. Well . . mom tries to make me do tricks but I just look at her like.. yeah ok mom not happening and after a few mins she give in. An Quincy calls me a momma's boy. Look who's shaking and giving hi-fives for his treats?!?!

  3. I have to agree with Quincy I would spend the day with mom and dad but I would go to the park and play fetch with my toys in the back yard. Without any loud noises.. They really creep me out.

  4. Yeah I have a favorite toy. My orange squeeky dinosaur toy. I carry it with me everywhere because if I dont my stingy bother will tear it up and it wont squeak anymore.

  5. If I could change one thing in my life I would bring our sister Nanook back to my mommy. I met her before mommy adopted me and Quincy and boy was she cute!!! I know the three of us woulda had a blast playing in the back yard.

Now that we are done its time for Indy, Sasha, Holly, and Magic & Georgie to catch the "tag bug". Have fun!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our time capsules

Our good friends Magic & Georgie tagged us to tell everyone 5 things we would put in a time capsule. So we will each do our own and tell you.

Quincy's time capsule:

  1. First and foremost I would have to but bologna... MMMM I just love bologna.
  2. Secondly, I would have to say my stuffied kitty. That I got from my foster mommy and daddy. Yes, I still have him and I just love him.
  3. My pronge collar and leash. Because I know whenever mom or dad gets it-it means we are going somewhere SUPER fun!!!
  4. My kong, and peanut butter... Mmm I just gotta have it!!!
  5. My family. . . I love them and wouldn't want to be without any of them!!!

Tristins time capsule:

  1. My orange squeaky dinosaur. I just love him. He was one of the first toys mommy ever bought me. I take him everywhere and I REFUSE to let Quincy play with him. He breaks all my squeaky toys.
  2. The humans couch and pillows. I just love their comforts. . . so soft!!
  3. I have to agree with the mud monster... I need my kong and peanut butter, well and my bologna too!!!
  4. Again I have to agree with the mud man and the prong collar and leash. They equal fun times!!
  5. I would have to also take my people. I can't live without them. But to be different I am going to have to say I need my brush and comb.. I just love to be brushed!!!

Now we tag Mr Frodo K. Banks, Girl Girl, and The Brat Pack.

We were also tagged by Sasha to list our favorite books. We have to think about that one. So we will post our favorites tomorrow on those. Night for now everyone. We are going to think of our favorite books now.

Quincy & Tristin

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Pictures

Hi everyone Tristin here. I finally did it I found the humans camera. Can you believe she had the nerve to hide it in her car???? I guess she thought I wouldn't be able to find it there. Or maybe she forgot it was there... whatever the case I found it today when we went to the park.

Quincy plays like he don't like the camera and having his picture taken yet here he is being all cute. Tho, I do have to give him credit. He taught me how to eat sticks... Those things ARE pretty yummy!!!

Here we are playing in our yard. . . Did we ever tell you how BIG our yard really is?? I think I heard mom say its something like almost 2 acres or something like that. I don't know what an "acre" is but our yard is huge!!!

Here I am just being cute rolling around in the flowers. Mom said she knew I knew how to play and be a puppy. Duh thank you captain obvious!!! Geesh are humans really that dumb??

Awww I just love this green grass!!!

Well this is my closing pic. My paws are hurting. . typing without thumbs is hard work you know. . . We just love to sleep on the couch together. We hate not being together. We refuse to let mom or dad walk one of us without the other. If you walk one of us without the other. We scream bloody hell and raise all kinds of hell. You can hear the one not being walked from the far back corner of our yard. Speaking of our yard. I will have to get mom to stand against the house and take a pic of how big our yard really is. An then again in the field and take of pic of it. Look for those pics soon! Oh and of our ferret brothers and sister. They are the coolest lil critters pretty cute too!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our long week thus far

Darn that human woman and hiding her camera from us. At least I was able to finally get on her computer. She finally went to bed. Geesh that woman is a freaking computer hog!!!! I could really use some advice on how to get her off long enough to let us blog.... anyone?? And any advice on where I can find that dreaded camera??

Anways alots been going on here. Daddy and the grandparents have been on vacation all week long. So they have been doing stuff around the house everyday. Except for the day we got to sleep over Auntie Bevs. Which can I say was awesome.... we had so much fun. Can't wait to do it again!!! The new foster girl Aunt Bev has is so tiny.. we couldn't belive she was a mommy dog. She looks like a puppy still herself. Stupid human people letting her lil butt have pups.

Back to the "house work" . . I am personally a lil angry with dad. He boxed in the shed so now we can't get under it no matter how hard we try. Which really annoys me because I used to chase all the animals out from under there. I would come in all muddy and upset the human folk. Boy do I LOVE doing that!!! HAHA ROOO mom don't call me her lil devil dog for nothing.

The loony father of ours is also working with pop-pop to close in under my pool and get rid of all our mud spots. Boxing it in with wood and vinyl siding... Planting sod all over MY yard, as if couldn't tear that up in two seconds... I will teach them to think they are smarter than a husky. An man, don't even get me started on my mommy filling in all our beautiful holes. What is wrong with her??? Don't she realize I just got them the way I like them??? Heads are gonna spin for all these awful changes. I will woo and keep them all up all night long. You just wait and see....heads are gonna spin!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hi all DWB here. I am so excited!!! We are getting to have a sleep over at my auntie Bev's on Monday night. *Doing my happy dance* I just looooooove it when we get to stay there. Quincy like it too but he misses his mommy and sometimes whines. My mommy and daddy are going crabbing whatever that is. Not that I could really give a crap, because I get to see my auntie Bev and my former foster brothers and sister Yasha, Yuri, Poods, and the lil witch Quinn-cess. I swear Quinn has a crush on me. Don't they say you only hurt those you love??? She really needs to start a blog. Hint Hint Quin!!!

Anyways other than my upcoming sleep over. We are way psyched dad is on vacation for a whole week. Which means park walkies every single day and night... WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Aww man do I LOVE the park. Just thinking about daily and nightly walkies in the park gets me all warm and fuzzie inside.

Mommy took more pics of us with her camera the other day. I really gotta get that memory card from her and post those pics. There are some really cute ones of me rolling around in the back yard playing like a puppy. HA . . and people thought I would never do it. They just didn't know how irresistably adorable I can be. I just knew where I wanted to be and whom I wanted to live with. It worked I got my way ;-) An some stupid humans think were dumb. HOW DARE THEY???

Yeah, Umm, Thanks everyone. . . I took all your "wonderful" advice on chewing up mommys ribbon collars. She didn't stop putting them on me. She just got mad at me and said and I quote "DWB that isn't like you... What's the matter with you??? That's NOT nice!!!!". Thanks everyone for making mommy get mad at me. (Swear I am NOT a mommys boy)

I guess thats all for now. I really do have to get those pics up. I have to steal or better yet have Quincy steal mommys camera so I don't get in trouble. ;-) Night everyone.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

We're rockin guys!!!


As it turns out our good friend Indy things were Rockin' Guys! Many Wooos Indy!! Your a way cool rockin guy too!! Can't wait for you to come back to Pa so we can have our play date. Tell that darned human woman of yours to get your butt in gear so we can play. ;-)

5 others we have to dub as rockin dudes right?.... Alright we nominate The boys of cybersibes, Steve, Frodo, Sam I Am, and Ender the Eskie. Now you all have to pass along the rockin-ness and each nominate 5 rockin guys.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sloganize your life.

I saw Mom on this website yesterday and it looked pretty cool. So first chance I got I went to it and sloganized each of our names and for me I got: "There's First Love, and There's Quincy Love." An when I did Tristin's I got: "Please Don't Squeeze The Tristin."

You should check it out and Sloganize your names. It is pretty funny. But don't cheat. Keep the first one you get. Here is the link to the site : http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi? When you get to the site you just type in your name where it asks for a word. I will be looking for your slogans on your blogs. SO. . . get to it!! ;-)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Case of the zoomies.

DWB and I had the zoomies today. We ran around like idiots half the afternoon. We got all kinds of goodies because the 4th was DWB's birthday and mommy likes to celebrate birthday's for a whole weekend.... Lucky us. We aren't spoiled that's how its supposed to be. So those of you who don't get birthday weeks and weekends. . . claw your humans till they give you what is rightfully yours!!!

I annoyed mom today something fierce. I kept getting into my favorite place in the backyard. The MUD!!!!! HAHAHA Every time that stupid woman would clean me off I would come back covered in it again from head to toe. I thought it was hysterical. That ass kissing brother of mine wouldn't play with me. I guess he didn't wanna get all muddy. . Damn brown noser. Made me look bad. Tried as I did I couldn't coax him into the mud with me. . His loss he has no idea what hes missing!!! Now her and those other evil humans are gonna make it so I can't get into my favorite spot anymore... damn them!!! I WILL FIND A WAY. . I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!!!

DWB is pretty mad at mom. She has been making those stupid ribbon collars and making us model them. Obviously him more than me because I have perfected the art of riping them off in two point two seconds. DWB just looks at her all pathetically like mom please get these off me now. Then she feels bad and usually takes them off. Seems she is getting hip to his game and makes him wear them a bit longer. Something about modeling them somewheres. Boy that's horrible I keep telling him to rip it off but the darn ass kisser just wont. Stupid mommas boy. He will learn, I will teach him how to be a husky yet!!

We'll it's getting late and my paws are hurting so I am going to go join DWB on the couch for a nap before we got to bed. I took this photo of him sleeping on his favorite spot the couch. Don't tell him I posted it. He might get upset. :-P

Friday, July 6, 2007

Blog-a-thon 2007 is almost here!!!

It's blogathon 2007 time. It is up and ready for sponsors! Meeshka will be once again blogging for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Let's break last year's record of $1,000. Every penny earned goes straight to Harnessed to Hope! All you have to do is go and make a pledge, you don't even have to pay right away!! Once the blogathon is over you will get instructions on how to send your pledge money straight to Harnessed to Hope. All you have to do is click on this nifty little button:

Then either sign in or sign up if you don't already have an account. You can even pay with PayPal. It is SO easy!!! Meeshka will be posting pictures of the cool prizes on her blog, so keep checking in!!

The long awaited pics of me the Mud Monster Quincy.

An here are the long awaited pics of me the Mud Monster Quincy. Told you I was cute so there. An yes. . . I like my tongue sticking out. I think it makes me look absolutely adorable. :-P

The long awaited pictures of the DWB Tristin.

Here are a few pics of my brother DWB Tristin. I know hes cute but hes not at cute as me. Although I must admit his close up picture is awfully cute!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tagged again.

We've been tagged again but this time we must talk about our humans by our new friend Holly. They're really not all that interesting and this is our blog but here goes anyways...

Mom like Holly's mom is an animals nut too. She has us, 4 ferrets, a cockatiel, a love bird, 5 fish tanks, dad. . sorry dad :-P, and two human kids. Mom is a member of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Which is where both me and my brother came from. Mom is co-team leader for the owner surrender team and the follow-up team. She also does all the groups thank you cards, updates the calendars, attends events, does evals, checks applications, a ton of other things. Which I know she really likes doing, She is always talking about rescue this or rescue that. I just wish I knew all of what she does. She raises her two human kids, our daddy. . . sorry daddy but she does, us and the rest of what she likes to call the 'Savage zoo. She also runs her own business with her sister-in-law. She makes stuff for us, her ferrets, the birds, and our aunts cats, basically if its crafty or creative our mommy is the go-to person. Her stuff is really cute and cool. . We occasionally get to play with some of it. But she isn't always happy about that. But hey if she leaves it within reach its fair game. :- She also takes care of things around the house and does other house duties.. . An still has time to play with us and keep us looking pretty, happy and clean. Shes a great mommy!! She is always home with us and she feeds us twice a day and daddy feeds us once in the morning.. and no we're NOT FAT huskies. You all will see when I get our pics posted... soon I promise!!

Dad is a maintenance man at Holy Family College and he works weekends at a pizza shop delivering pizzas. He also owns his own business with his dad. He also takes great care of us, mommy and his human kids. Dad gives us our early morning walkies and also our late night walkies which we look forward to as soon as the alarm clock goes off or we hear mommy say goodnight boys. I never understood the whole walkie thing in the yard since they say our backyard is an acre and a half. . whatever that means. All we know is its big and fun to run around in!!! They claim its for our safety and so we don't get skunked..... Don't these stupid humans know we could take out those furry lil stink balls in two seconds flat. Geesh!!! Talk about stupid humans.

Holly talks about spoiled. . . is there really any other way to live?? We have mommy's mom and dad trained to give us treats daily. Moms dad give us bologna every morning and if he don't Oh he hears about it all day long. We will drive him nuts until we get it, so needless to say he rarely forgets. We each have our own bin of toys and bones and bowls, even tho we share everything except our food bowls. Which we would do but mommy has this thing about us doing it. She won't allow it. Some nonsense about not wanting us to fight over food. So we eat in our crates which isn't such a bad thing. At least for DWB it is a good thing. Otherwise mom says I am a piggie and I eat his food too. Whatever. . . it's not my fault he can't eat as fast at me. I think that's enough about them.

I will tag Magic and Georgie, IndyPindy, and FiveHappyHounds.

Mud Monster Quincy and DWB Tristin

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We've Have Been Tagged

We have been tagged by quite a few people so we are just gonna answer everyone now with one post. . . So here goes nothing:

Seven Things About Mud Monster Quincy:
1) It is embarrassing but my mommy calls me "Her lil puppers"
2) I LOVE the mud!!!
3) I am going through my second puppy-hood whatever that means.
4) I love bologna. . . mom's dad is trained to give it to us every morning.
5) I love tummy rubs and kisses.
6) I give hi-fives and do shakes for treats.
7)When I came into HTH I had parvo and survived to become the gorgeous lil puppers I am today.

Seven Things About DWB Tristin:
1) I love being groomed.
2) I actually got my nick-name DWB (dirty white boy) from my foster mom Bev at Harnessed to Hope.
3) I hate loud noises they scare me to death.
4) I am a Mommy's boy.
5) I like to lay on the couch.
6) I came from a shelter in New York and was going to be euthanized the day the nice people from Harnessed to Hope came and saved me.
7) I won't come inside for Daddy because I love my mommy and mainly only listen to her.

Apparent everyone also wants to know about our Parents:
1) What did your Mom do before she became a stay at home Mom, and what is her name? Mommy used to work at a bird store in Cinnaminson New Jersey and at Blockbuster Video. On top of raise her two human kids and take care of what her and daddy call her "zoo".
2) Does she do anything else beside cook for us and clean house? Yes. . . She has her own business where she makes and sells all kinds of animal things for all sorts of animals. She makes stuff for ferrets, birds, cats, dogs, and she loves doing crafts and taking picture of us and her kids. Other stuff too but there not as important as us and the kids. ;-)
3) OK, What about Dad? Dad works at Holy Family College doing maintenance work and also on weekends delivers pizzas. An he has his own ebay business too which mommy also helps out with. . . An he plays with us and the kids too. :-P
4) Do they have any other life other than us? Oh course they do. . . but don't tell too many people that!!! Mommy is a volunteer for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Daddy gets sucked into helping too.
OK, I think we are suppose to tag 3 others,we choose HTH foster Alexa, Sherman, Penny & Lola, & Sitka & Tia. Haha get a move on everyone!!! :-P

Monday, July 2, 2007

Whats the point in titles anways??

Hmmm. . . We really love posting to our blog but we really don't understand the whole title thing. What's the point really? Anyways, our mommy says its long overdue that we made a blog so she finally let us do it. Or should we say she finally got off the computer long enough for us to do it. :-P She said something about taking some new pics of us to post so when she gets around to that we will post them.
Things here are wonderful, I don't think we could have asked or dreamed of a better home. We absolutely love it here!!! Thank-Woo HTH for helping us find our fur-ever home. We picked the name for our blog to be "A day in the life of a Mud Monster an a DWB." For those of you that don't know because mommy always calls me (Quincy) the Mud Monster and Tristin her DWB. DWB meaning dirty white boy. Now that-that's out of the way. Back to more important things.
Today is a lazy day for us. Mommy is cleaning and doing stuff around the house so we are just lounging around. . . as if we don't do that everyday. Mommy an Daddy have been doing a lot of spring cleaning. They took our crates outside yesterday and washed them down. We always get all excited when that happens. It means we have a change to tear up stuff while their outside cleaning. But to mom and dads surprise we didn't. . . so NAH!!!!
We can't wait for daddy to come home from work today. Mommy told us we are going to go to the park for our walkies in the woods. Oh boy is that place fun. . . many different smells and things to see. We always run into lots of other dogs and mom says its great socialization for us. We see all kinds of people and dogs, and animals, and kids. Boy just thinking about it gets me all giddy!!!! When the weather is nice like this we go to the park every night. Those of you who don't get to go to the park. Throw a fit you have no idea what your missing!!!!! Trust us you will be glad you did. The only thing that annoys DWB about it is people calling him a white Shepard. Are they stupid hes a husky?!?!?! He is so glad mommy and daddy correct them. That and I personally hate it when people think we are mean because we are "big dogs". I love it when people say that and mommy or daddy turns around and proves them wrong and makes them feel stupid. We are better behaved than half the kids and dogs we see there. Argh its just frustrating. But all in all the park is an AWESOME place to go. Well my paws are getting tired and I wanna take a nap everyone else is napping. DWB went and started his nap without me the brat. Ill post more later.

Woos & Licks,
Quincy & Tristin