Saturday, July 7, 2007

Case of the zoomies.

DWB and I had the zoomies today. We ran around like idiots half the afternoon. We got all kinds of goodies because the 4th was DWB's birthday and mommy likes to celebrate birthday's for a whole weekend.... Lucky us. We aren't spoiled that's how its supposed to be. So those of you who don't get birthday weeks and weekends. . . claw your humans till they give you what is rightfully yours!!!

I annoyed mom today something fierce. I kept getting into my favorite place in the backyard. The MUD!!!!! HAHAHA Every time that stupid woman would clean me off I would come back covered in it again from head to toe. I thought it was hysterical. That ass kissing brother of mine wouldn't play with me. I guess he didn't wanna get all muddy. . Damn brown noser. Made me look bad. Tried as I did I couldn't coax him into the mud with me. . His loss he has no idea what hes missing!!! Now her and those other evil humans are gonna make it so I can't get into my favorite spot anymore... damn them!!! I WILL FIND A WAY. . I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!!!

DWB is pretty mad at mom. She has been making those stupid ribbon collars and making us model them. Obviously him more than me because I have perfected the art of riping them off in two point two seconds. DWB just looks at her all pathetically like mom please get these off me now. Then she feels bad and usually takes them off. Seems she is getting hip to his game and makes him wear them a bit longer. Something about modeling them somewheres. Boy that's horrible I keep telling him to rip it off but the darn ass kisser just wont. Stupid mommas boy. He will learn, I will teach him how to be a husky yet!!

We'll it's getting late and my paws are hurting so I am going to go join DWB on the couch for a nap before we got to bed. I took this photo of him sleeping on his favorite spot the couch. Don't tell him I posted it. He might get upset. :-P


IndyPindy said...

Oh, that stinks. Tristin, you need to chew one of those necklaces up real good, then your mom won't make you wear them anymore!

Mud Monster & DWB said...

I know Indy. I keep telling Tristin that but he is too much of a mommys boy to do that!! Lil' ass kisser!

Holly said...

Amazing the things these humans put us through! Good job with the mud! I know that always excites the humans.

I like the couch pose, I do that all the time, and then there isn't any room for the humans to sit down!!


Mud Monster & DWB said...

HAHAHA Holly. Yeah when we get up on the couch. Mom and Dad usually just sit on the floor. They are finally learning that the couch is ours!!

It's really amazing what excites the humans isnt it?!?!?

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