Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our ferret siblings

Just as promised we are posting pics of our ferret siblings. They are pretty cool, they make these really cool "squeaking noises" when they are playing. Its cool it sounds like a cooing baby or a cat puring to us. But there are four of them. Mom says its best to keep more than one of them. That way they can keep each other busy and happy. So I guess they are kinda like huskies.... you can't have just one!!

This picture is of Romeo (the albino one) and of Macbeth. Romeo was moms first ferret and the one who started her obsession with them. Mom fell in love with him and begged dad for weeks. Dad kept telling her no that they didn't need a ferret. Mom keep nagging dad and won out like she ALWAYS does. Macbeth was dads ferret, but according to mom he bit dad and drew blood right after mom and aunt Liz bought him for dad. An he has been moms ever since.

This is Romeo again.

This picture is of Juliet the Lil peanut. She is what is known as a sable ferret. She is the only female one in the pack. She was moms second ferret. Mom went into a pet store to buy food for her "zoo" at the time. An saw a sign for a ferret in box/pen with the birds. (Which is NOT smart, ONE ferret can kill a Macaw parrot in seconds flat). She asked to see it and they told her there was nothing in there as the man shook out the towel and out rolled Juliet and the rest is history. Dad told her no, she said yes please. So dad bought her for mom for her birthday. The other ferret in the pic that you can actually see is Macbeth again. Notice a theme?... Shakespeare.... Romeo, Juliet, Macbeth. Mom loves Shakespeare.

This is Macbeth again.

This picture is of mom with the four fuzzies. From left to right. It Macbeth, Casanova or 'Nova as he's more often called, Juliet, and Romeo. Just PLEASE DON'T tell mom we posted this pic. She HATES pictures and will kill us for posting this pic.

Mom knows ALOT about ferrets if you ever have any questions about them, or any animal for that matter ask her. She is always talking to people about animals. An she has this thing she calls her "pet binder". We tore up a few pages of it once and boy was mom mad!!! They were yummy tho....

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