Monday, July 23, 2007

Our time capsules

Our good friends Magic & Georgie tagged us to tell everyone 5 things we would put in a time capsule. So we will each do our own and tell you.

Quincy's time capsule:

  1. First and foremost I would have to but bologna... MMMM I just love bologna.
  2. Secondly, I would have to say my stuffied kitty. That I got from my foster mommy and daddy. Yes, I still have him and I just love him.
  3. My pronge collar and leash. Because I know whenever mom or dad gets it-it means we are going somewhere SUPER fun!!!
  4. My kong, and peanut butter... Mmm I just gotta have it!!!
  5. My family. . . I love them and wouldn't want to be without any of them!!!

Tristins time capsule:

  1. My orange squeaky dinosaur. I just love him. He was one of the first toys mommy ever bought me. I take him everywhere and I REFUSE to let Quincy play with him. He breaks all my squeaky toys.
  2. The humans couch and pillows. I just love their comforts. . . so soft!!
  3. I have to agree with the mud monster... I need my kong and peanut butter, well and my bologna too!!!
  4. Again I have to agree with the mud man and the prong collar and leash. They equal fun times!!
  5. I would have to also take my people. I can't live without them. But to be different I am going to have to say I need my brush and comb.. I just love to be brushed!!!

Now we tag Mr Frodo K. Banks, Girl Girl, and The Brat Pack.

We were also tagged by Sasha to list our favorite books. We have to think about that one. So we will post our favorites tomorrow on those. Night for now everyone. We are going to think of our favorite books now.

Quincy & Tristin

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