Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Pictures

Hi everyone Tristin here. I finally did it I found the humans camera. Can you believe she had the nerve to hide it in her car???? I guess she thought I wouldn't be able to find it there. Or maybe she forgot it was there... whatever the case I found it today when we went to the park.

Quincy plays like he don't like the camera and having his picture taken yet here he is being all cute. Tho, I do have to give him credit. He taught me how to eat sticks... Those things ARE pretty yummy!!!

Here we are playing in our yard. . . Did we ever tell you how BIG our yard really is?? I think I heard mom say its something like almost 2 acres or something like that. I don't know what an "acre" is but our yard is huge!!!

Here I am just being cute rolling around in the flowers. Mom said she knew I knew how to play and be a puppy. Duh thank you captain obvious!!! Geesh are humans really that dumb??

Awww I just love this green grass!!!

Well this is my closing pic. My paws are hurting. . typing without thumbs is hard work you know. . . We just love to sleep on the couch together. We hate not being together. We refuse to let mom or dad walk one of us without the other. If you walk one of us without the other. We scream bloody hell and raise all kinds of hell. You can hear the one not being walked from the far back corner of our yard. Speaking of our yard. I will have to get mom to stand against the house and take a pic of how big our yard really is. An then again in the field and take of pic of it. Look for those pics soon! Oh and of our ferret brothers and sister. They are the coolest lil critters pretty cute too!!!


Foster Dogs said...
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IndyPindy said...

Cool, I'm jealous of your yard! Tristin, you look so happy!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you 2 look so cute and have so much fun in your yard. Can't wait to see pictures of your ferret siblings

~ Girl girl