Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our long week thus far

Darn that human woman and hiding her camera from us. At least I was able to finally get on her computer. She finally went to bed. Geesh that woman is a freaking computer hog!!!! I could really use some advice on how to get her off long enough to let us blog.... anyone?? And any advice on where I can find that dreaded camera??

Anways alots been going on here. Daddy and the grandparents have been on vacation all week long. So they have been doing stuff around the house everyday. Except for the day we got to sleep over Auntie Bevs. Which can I say was awesome.... we had so much fun. Can't wait to do it again!!! The new foster girl Aunt Bev has is so tiny.. we couldn't belive she was a mommy dog. She looks like a puppy still herself. Stupid human people letting her lil butt have pups.

Back to the "house work" . . I am personally a lil angry with dad. He boxed in the shed so now we can't get under it no matter how hard we try. Which really annoys me because I used to chase all the animals out from under there. I would come in all muddy and upset the human folk. Boy do I LOVE doing that!!! HAHA ROOO mom don't call me her lil devil dog for nothing.

The loony father of ours is also working with pop-pop to close in under my pool and get rid of all our mud spots. Boxing it in with wood and vinyl siding... Planting sod all over MY yard, as if couldn't tear that up in two seconds... I will teach them to think they are smarter than a husky. An man, don't even get me started on my mommy filling in all our beautiful holes. What is wrong with her??? Don't she realize I just got them the way I like them??? Heads are gonna spin for all these awful changes. I will woo and keep them all up all night long. You just wait and see....heads are gonna spin!!!


Sasha said...

Hey, Quincy and Tristin. I tagged you. Check out my blog!

Holly said...

Give them a couple of weeks to "relax" then go back to digging up what they just filled in. It will drive them crazy! Dig and claw and use your teeth at the boxed in stuff. Eventually you will tear it apart. And, if you keep at it, the humans will eventually give up replacing the dirt and the holes you dig. That's what my human did. She just left them since it was pointless to fill them in with new dirt, cuz then it was even more fun to re-dig them!!