Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Pics

Most of my HTH friends have seen these pics. But everyone else hasn't, So I stole moms camera and got some of them for everyone to see.

Notice anything the same about these two pics? Mom says I always have my toung sticking out. . I just don't understand what she is talking about. Do you?

Pinned by the DWB. . He may have won this round. I will get him next time I swear!!! Afterall this was my very 1st snow!!! It's on next snow day!

Here I go tryingtoget my revenge indoors. But for some reason mom and dad won't let us wrestle inside. Something about not wanting us to break stuff . . Like we'd do that. . We are angels!!

Can you believe this knucklehead let mom put this on him?? An then had the nerve to smile about it. . . He makes me sick. He needs to take some lessons from me, or our friend Sasha. She has an embarassing sister named Isis who lets the humans put things on her too. So she knows what I am talking about.

Well I guess thats about all for now. Don't forget to sponsor us for the Hike N Howl. We need all the help we can get to help out all the doggies like us. Who if it werent for rescue wouldn't have had a chance in the world. Thanks everyone!!!

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