Sunday, August 5, 2007


Look at what mom bought us . . Yup that's right we finally got a pool of our own. I personally think she was trying to make up for leaving us at Aunt Bev's for the weekend. You see it seems her, dad, mom-mom, pop-pop and the two kids went to the boardwalk on Friday. So Thursday we went to Aunt Bev's and spent the night. We love it there and its always a blast but nothing compairs to home!! Sorry Aunt Bev but it don't!!

Anyways isn't our pool the coolest.. it's even blue . . just for us BOYS!!! I love it. . . Wish I could say the same for Tristin. He don't seem to interested in it yet. But he will learn!!

Here I am trying to get Tristin's attention to get him to come play with me in the pool. But he just wouldn't come play. That's alright tho I love it!!

I was in and out of the pool all day long. As you can tell by this picture. I highly suggest to those of you who don't have one throw and fit and destroy something until your humans buy you one!!

Mom took this picture of Tristin thinking he was heading for the pool. . . but she was wrong.

Mom couldn't get him into the pool so she took random pics of him playing in the yard. The knuckle-head wouldn't get in the pool. Don't ask me why because it was AWESOME!!!

Just another random picture of cute old me.

Here is a picture of dad putting Tristin in the pool thinking that if he got in it once he would like it and stay in it.

Here is the very next picture. . . how wrong he was. . . No sooner did dad let him go and OUT he went!!

Another picture of me. Again I was trying to convince Tristin how much fun our pool is. But he still wasn't buying it. Any suggestions on how to make him like it??

Mom just loves this picture of me. I overheard her telling dad this is me saying "Nah-Nah Tristin look how much fun I am having in the pool". So I put it up here because mom likes it.


Amici said...

Awesome pool! I am totally jealous, I need to start wooing at my parents to buy me one. :)

Sasha said...

I don't like pools either. My feet get wet, then I step in the dirt, and they get all muddy.

IndyPindy said...

I like pools, I will splash in and out of them. If it's REALLY hot then I will lay down just to get my belly wet.

Silly Tristin - I think you have to get him to chase you and then run into the pool.

Mud Monster & DWB said...

I know he is silly Indy. I will have to try that and see if it works. Thanks.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

We have one of those pools too. Maybe it's a white dog thing, cuz Shiloh doesn't like it either. Guinness loves the pool and Misty has decided it is pretty cool too. We'll get some pictures soon. Love that last picture! HAroo!

Amici said...

You can definitely add us to your blog. :) Thanks for asking. :)