Wednesday, August 15, 2007

House Hunting

Today is a good day I saw mom on the computer earlier today looking at houses. An I heard her telling dad that she wouldn't buy a house unless the yard was big enough for us and the kids. How awesome is that? Tristin and I are super excited. Mom also promised dad that she would get him his red and white husky he so badly wants. So we will finally have a sister. WOOOOO WOOOOO good times to come. So excited. . . can't wait.

Oh moms getting us diner so I will update everyone once I know more. Keep them paws crossed for us that they find something with a BIG YARD and lots of space.


Holly said...

How exciting! A new house, and a new sister all to come! That will be so awesome!


Kapp pack said...

Good heads are the best if I must say so myself.

-Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

We love looking at houses! Fun! Good luck house hunting and adding a new sibling to the bunch.

The Brat Pack said...

That is SO cool you're going to get a new house AND a sister!!!
Your parents rock.


Bama said...

All 4 of us have our paws crossed that they find you a house with a BIG yard (mom says and a HIGH fence).
Cracker and Chili are both excited to see pics of your new sister when she comes, they always say "Red Dogs Rule", yeah, right, whatever.....
Our mom wants to know how your mom keeps huskies AND ferrets, I've never killed anything yet, but the rest of the pack have caught everything from lizards to squirrels to possums to turtles to, well you get the idea. She says she's always wanted a matched pair, boy and girl, and would name them Ferret Faucett and Ferret Bueller (get it? Farah Fawcett and Ferris Bueller? Oh well, we let her think she's clever....)Anyway, dad won't let her have 'em, he says "the huskies would just eat them", and she always ends up agreeing that he's probably right....they do sound kind of tasty.
Playbows & Manykisses,
Bama & The River Hill Pack

Mud Monster & DWB said...

Hahahaha thats cute. Dad just bought mom another ferret this past week. An "albino female", I heard my mom saying shes a lil biter.

Mom works very hard to keep us socalized. She makes sure we know they are not food and intorduces us to them daily. We get to sniff them we are never left alone with them. Tell your dad to let your mommy have them. They are awesome they are our mommies second favorite pet. We are FIRST... Duh!!!

Mom is taking some new pics of all of us tomorrow so I will post pics of the new girl tomorrow. She is so tiny and cute.