Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Been a while. . . . . .

Yeah so it's been a while since I posted anything. Things been chaotic around here to say the least. Mom is back at work and has been for almost 8 months. We have a bunch of additions to our zoo-crew. Which includes 5 female rats, 2 female gerbils, a female guinea pig, a boat load of hermit crabs, and various aquatic life. I'm OK with everyone living here 'cept those darned rats. When I lay near their cage they pull my hair or tail into their cage and either pull my hair out or try to bite me. They are just -- and daddy agrees with me on this one -- YUCKY!!! I wanna eat them so bad but momma won't let me.

Don't know if I told you's or not but we have another biped too. His name is Christopher William and hes going to be 11 months old soon. He's my lil pal!! I've included a pic of him. How stinking cute is he????

On another note Momma had my pictures taken at her work by a "professional photographer". Whatever that is?!?! Momma was happy with them -- I didn't cooperate at all, but mom loves them. But I was told she can't put them up anywhere because they are "special". So that kinda stinks but they do look good or so I am told. ;-)

I miss all my bloggin friends and my Bama. But I promise to try to update more often. Miss you all!! XOXO