Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hi all DWB here. I am so excited!!! We are getting to have a sleep over at my auntie Bev's on Monday night. *Doing my happy dance* I just looooooove it when we get to stay there. Quincy like it too but he misses his mommy and sometimes whines. My mommy and daddy are going crabbing whatever that is. Not that I could really give a crap, because I get to see my auntie Bev and my former foster brothers and sister Yasha, Yuri, Poods, and the lil witch Quinn-cess. I swear Quinn has a crush on me. Don't they say you only hurt those you love??? She really needs to start a blog. Hint Hint Quin!!!

Anyways other than my upcoming sleep over. We are way psyched dad is on vacation for a whole week. Which means park walkies every single day and night... WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Aww man do I LOVE the park. Just thinking about daily and nightly walkies in the park gets me all warm and fuzzie inside.

Mommy took more pics of us with her camera the other day. I really gotta get that memory card from her and post those pics. There are some really cute ones of me rolling around in the back yard playing like a puppy. HA . . and people thought I would never do it. They just didn't know how irresistably adorable I can be. I just knew where I wanted to be and whom I wanted to live with. It worked I got my way ;-) An some stupid humans think were dumb. HOW DARE THEY???

Yeah, Umm, Thanks everyone. . . I took all your "wonderful" advice on chewing up mommys ribbon collars. She didn't stop putting them on me. She just got mad at me and said and I quote "DWB that isn't like you... What's the matter with you??? That's NOT nice!!!!". Thanks everyone for making mommy get mad at me. (Swear I am NOT a mommys boy)

I guess thats all for now. I really do have to get those pics up. I have to steal or better yet have Quincy steal mommys camera so I don't get in trouble. ;-) Night everyone.



Sasha said...

Have fun. Plus you get to meet the mom of the pups that came from North Carolina! But go easy on her, I heard she's little.

IndyPindy said...

Aw, I'm jealous! I get to meet the puppies from North Carolina this Sunday though!

Holly said...

That sounds like so much fun! You really need to get those pics up! I can't wait to hear how your sleep over goes!