Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We've Have Been Tagged

We have been tagged by quite a few people so we are just gonna answer everyone now with one post. . . So here goes nothing:

Seven Things About Mud Monster Quincy:
1) It is embarrassing but my mommy calls me "Her lil puppers"
2) I LOVE the mud!!!
3) I am going through my second puppy-hood whatever that means.
4) I love bologna. . . mom's dad is trained to give it to us every morning.
5) I love tummy rubs and kisses.
6) I give hi-fives and do shakes for treats.
7)When I came into HTH I had parvo and survived to become the gorgeous lil puppers I am today.

Seven Things About DWB Tristin:
1) I love being groomed.
2) I actually got my nick-name DWB (dirty white boy) from my foster mom Bev at Harnessed to Hope.
3) I hate loud noises they scare me to death.
4) I am a Mommy's boy.
5) I like to lay on the couch.
6) I came from a shelter in New York and was going to be euthanized the day the nice people from Harnessed to Hope came and saved me.
7) I won't come inside for Daddy because I love my mommy and mainly only listen to her.

Apparent everyone also wants to know about our Parents:
1) What did your Mom do before she became a stay at home Mom, and what is her name? Mommy used to work at a bird store in Cinnaminson New Jersey and at Blockbuster Video. On top of raise her two human kids and take care of what her and daddy call her "zoo".
2) Does she do anything else beside cook for us and clean house? Yes. . . She has her own business where she makes and sells all kinds of animal things for all sorts of animals. She makes stuff for ferrets, birds, cats, dogs, and she loves doing crafts and taking picture of us and her kids. Other stuff too but there not as important as us and the kids. ;-)
3) OK, What about Dad? Dad works at Holy Family College doing maintenance work and also on weekends delivers pizzas. An he has his own ebay business too which mommy also helps out with. . . An he plays with us and the kids too. :-P
4) Do they have any other life other than us? Oh course they do. . . but don't tell too many people that!!! Mommy is a volunteer for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Daddy gets sucked into helping too.
OK, I think we are suppose to tag 3 others,we choose HTH foster Alexa, Sherman, Penny & Lola, & Sitka & Tia. Haha get a move on everyone!!! :-P


Holly said...

Thanks for playing, and sharing your and your human's info! It's always fun to learn new things about our fellow doggie bloggers!


Lee :) said...

Great to have you join us dog bloggers. It was interesting reading about your huskies and the humans' info too. :) Have a happy 4th of July!

fee said...

hi guys, i got in from sasha's and i'm happy to be here! can we see some pictures of you soon please?