Thursday, July 12, 2007

We're rockin guys!!!

As it turns out our good friend Indy things were Rockin' Guys! Many Wooos Indy!! Your a way cool rockin guy too!! Can't wait for you to come back to Pa so we can have our play date. Tell that darned human woman of yours to get your butt in gear so we can play. ;-)

5 others we have to dub as rockin dudes right?.... Alright we nominate The boys of cybersibes, Steve, Frodo, Sam I Am, and Ender the Eskie. Now you all have to pass along the rockin-ness and each nominate 5 rockin guys.


Holly said...

Q & T, you are great rockin' buys!



Holly said...

Love the new pics!!!

Oh, and sorry I can't type. My paws are so big, sometimes I make mistakes! I meant you are great rockin GUYS!


Mud Monster & DWB said...

Awww Thank-Wooo Holly. We know what you meant. We sometimes have problems typing too. We just cheat and proof read everything before we post. ;-)

Q & T