Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tagged again.

We've been tagged again but this time we must talk about our humans by our new friend Holly. They're really not all that interesting and this is our blog but here goes anyways...

Mom like Holly's mom is an animals nut too. She has us, 4 ferrets, a cockatiel, a love bird, 5 fish tanks, dad. . sorry dad :-P, and two human kids. Mom is a member of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Which is where both me and my brother came from. Mom is co-team leader for the owner surrender team and the follow-up team. She also does all the groups thank you cards, updates the calendars, attends events, does evals, checks applications, a ton of other things. Which I know she really likes doing, She is always talking about rescue this or rescue that. I just wish I knew all of what she does. She raises her two human kids, our daddy. . . sorry daddy but she does, us and the rest of what she likes to call the 'Savage zoo. She also runs her own business with her sister-in-law. She makes stuff for us, her ferrets, the birds, and our aunts cats, basically if its crafty or creative our mommy is the go-to person. Her stuff is really cute and cool. . We occasionally get to play with some of it. But she isn't always happy about that. But hey if she leaves it within reach its fair game. :- She also takes care of things around the house and does other house duties.. . An still has time to play with us and keep us looking pretty, happy and clean. Shes a great mommy!! She is always home with us and she feeds us twice a day and daddy feeds us once in the morning.. and no we're NOT FAT huskies. You all will see when I get our pics posted... soon I promise!!

Dad is a maintenance man at Holy Family College and he works weekends at a pizza shop delivering pizzas. He also owns his own business with his dad. He also takes great care of us, mommy and his human kids. Dad gives us our early morning walkies and also our late night walkies which we look forward to as soon as the alarm clock goes off or we hear mommy say goodnight boys. I never understood the whole walkie thing in the yard since they say our backyard is an acre and a half. . whatever that means. All we know is its big and fun to run around in!!! They claim its for our safety and so we don't get skunked..... Don't these stupid humans know we could take out those furry lil stink balls in two seconds flat. Geesh!!! Talk about stupid humans.

Holly talks about spoiled. . . is there really any other way to live?? We have mommy's mom and dad trained to give us treats daily. Moms dad give us bologna every morning and if he don't Oh he hears about it all day long. We will drive him nuts until we get it, so needless to say he rarely forgets. We each have our own bin of toys and bones and bowls, even tho we share everything except our food bowls. Which we would do but mommy has this thing about us doing it. She won't allow it. Some nonsense about not wanting us to fight over food. So we eat in our crates which isn't such a bad thing. At least for DWB it is a good thing. Otherwise mom says I am a piggie and I eat his food too. Whatever. . . it's not my fault he can't eat as fast at me. I think that's enough about them.

I will tag Magic and Georgie, IndyPindy, and FiveHappyHounds.

Mud Monster Quincy and DWB Tristin

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