Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sour Stomach

Hi everyone Dana here. I never take over the dogs blog but I felt the need to tonight. I came acrost two things tonight that really made my stomach turn sour. I got an email from a fellow rescue friend and to make a long story short. There is a local shelter who is planning on using prison inmates to replace the shelters staff. HOW BLASTED STUPID IS THIS???? I am utterly appalled!! Here is the parts of the email I am allowed to share with you all is in blue. I think all those of you who also find this appalling and disgraceful should email and or write to him.

In my capacity as animal advocate for the Burlington County Animal Shelter, I am composing and sending this email in the hopes that this will help protect our animals from harm, theft and substandard care.

Those who know me know that there are few issues dearer to my heart than working to PROFESSIONALIZE shelter staffs. So it was with nothing less than alarm that I was informed today that beginning June 2, 2008, the county will begin using prison labor at the shelter and, worse, as staff resign or retire, the county plans to INCREASE the use of prison labor. IOW, the Burlington County Animal Shelter's future will not include better trained, more dedicated staff, but whoever is in jail on work release at a given moment. Don't believe me? This is from a letter dated May 13, 2008 to the county union from director of human resources Daniel Hornickel:

"..., as discussed the County will not lay off any employees as a result of the introduction on inmate labor. Rather, when positions open up through attrition, they will not be refilled by new hires; instead, the County will increase its use of inmate staffing."

Please note that these aren't "community service" people who are on probation, but people who some judge or other decided should do prison time.

My own main concerns include:
(1) Rapidly faltering and falling staff competence.
(2) The safety of staff and the public.
(3) The security of our meds and needles in the vet lab.
(4) Most of all, the safety and security of our animals, especially our Pit Bulls. We have had thefts in the past, including a spree that stopped when one particular person was caught and arrested. Now we'll have a constant parade of people from that world who an ever decreasing number of staff will have to watch like hawks.

Please email Daniel Hornickel protesting this at: dhornickel@co. burlington.

Or call at: 609-265-5403

Or write a letter to:
Daniel Hornickel
Dept of Human Resources
49 Rancocas Road Room 355
PO Box 6000
Mount Holly NJ 08060-6000

Be civilized, but to the point! :-)

Those of you with good media contacts are invited to contact them!

I know I can't be the only one who finds this to be sickening. Arrrrgh. . . . . .

On another note, I was at a community yard sale yesterday that happens in my area. When I came acrost a family sitting out front with a bunch of kittens. I being the animal lover that I am just had to stop and say hello to them. They were gorgeous Lil things about 6 of them. My husband asks how old they were when the woman turns around and holds one up and says "This ones about a month and the rest are 2 weeks old". Immediately Michael and I look at each other in dismay and say they're all beautiful. She then turns around and says "You want them??" I thinking shes joking say NO thanks my husky would eat them. When to my suprise she says "Oh that's alright. My Shepard eats them all the time. I am constantly pulling them outta his mouth. He is always eating them". To which I replied without even thinking. Then you shouldn't be allowing your cat to be having kittens if your dog keeps eating them. Gave her an earful about the harms of "free to a good home". Also lectured her about allowing her unspayed cat to roam freely and on how her kittens were too young to be taken away from there mother beings they were still nursing. Then walked away -- I was so utterly annoyed with this woman's stupidity that I seriously wanted to smack her. Thankfully for her by the time we got back to her house she had moved the mother, the kittens and her family inside her house. I did take down her address and give it to a few friends of mine who do cat rescue. One of them is going to hopefully get them and find them the homes they so deserve.

I swear day by day I really do dislike the human race more and more, for the most part. I know they're are still those of us out there that are decent but people just amaze me. Why would you knowingly let your dog eat your kittens. Allow your cat to be constantly knocked up when you don't want or cant care for the kittens. How can you free to a home them when people just use them as snake food or worse. Ehhh!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ground Hogs

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to tell you all that mom has been researching how to get rid of groundhogs.

As it seems we have a family of them living under our house and a few back under our shed and mom is afraid I am going to get them. But apparently the only ways she has found to get rid of them is either gonna cost her over $300 for the first one and then $75-125 per each additional one. Or her other option is to put watermelon flavored bubbleishish bubble gum at the entrance to their homes. Which they apparently LOVE but is fatal to them. Mom don't have the money to pay to have them removed which even if she did they by PA State law would have to be euthanized immediately. An she refuses to feed it bubble gum.

So my question is do any of you have any humane suggestions for ridding your home of these creatures without killing them or sucking MY money from moms wallet??

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Biped

Oops -- They did it again!! Mom & Dad are expecting another Lil biped. They just found out Tuesday night. So I am going to have a new baby brother or sister. I swear they are gluttons for punishment. 3 bipeds in diapers are they insane?!?!

They are pretty excited about it so I guess I am too. This one girl or boy better be as nice to me as the other two are. I have been spending quite a lot of time with mom. Dad says I have been watching over her and protecting my baby. I am kind of excited about it tho to be honest but don't tell the humans. The other two were here already when I came into the picture. Mom isn't too sure how far along she is yet. Her girl thing has been off -- Whatever that means. So she goes to her baby doctor on May 9Th to find how far she is. So keep an eye out for that future post. I am off for now to go keep momma company. Talk to you all later!

Play bows,