Thursday, April 3, 2008

Busy Dayz, Mom's Ebay Store

Hurmph... It's been chaotic around here recently. Between doctors visits, vet visits, friends being sick, the bipeds being sick and mom going back to work. Not much has been blogged. I appoligize for that.

Moms been so busy getting things for her business up and running that her and dad hardly leave me time to get on the 'puter. Right now they are working on getting an actual website and a domain -- Whatever the heck that is.

Anywho -- Mom & Dad have a blog called DNSBARTS which is the name of their business. But they arent getting much traffic to their blog. So I am taking it upon myself to do some adtiversing for them. Afterall the more clocks they sell the more goodies I get. So I am asking all my DWB freinds to help me out here. If you all could drop by and show some love and if possible put a link on your blogs to theirs so they get more traffic. It would be greatly appreciated. Its apparent to me mom and dad need my help on this one. An lord knows my tummie needs the yummies! ;-)

Mom also has an ebay store with all her clocks on it. You can click HERE to check that out too. Her ebay store is called "The Clock Store" -- I know how original. Thats why the thinking should be left to us and not the bipeds. But what can a dog do??

*Yawns* . . . I have done my good deed for the day. I am going to go back to my napping. Thanks to all my DWB freinds. If you ever need anything just ask, thats what freinds are for!!

One more thing before I go... Wet, slobbery, puppy kisses for my puppy princess. (You know who you are). . .



The Army of Four said...

Good job, Quincy! Your mom should tell the SiberMalSociety about this, too! :)
Play bows,

Thor said...

Consider it done, Quincy! There will be a link on my blog before the day is over!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think I need one of these clocks with my handsome face on it to hang in my new clubhouse.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Nice work Quincy!!! The clock is pawsome!

Bama said...

Oh my sweet prince, kisses received & returned! And if I can ever get mama to pupdate our blog I'll make sure she includes that link too.
Your mama is furry lucky to have you to adfurtize for her, you did a grrreat job, handsome!
Your Bama

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Howza about The Khlokhk Store!

Woo khould sell khlokhks to all the Khyraese speakin' khreatures!!

I woo'd add your blog to mine BUT as I said earlier, blogger won't let me add new ones -

Grrrrrrrr -

Best of lukhk!


Holly said...

I would be happy to add your link to my blog!! I still need to get my human to order one of the clocks!!


Kapp pack said...

Cool clocks! Good luck to your mom!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann