Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Still Dog-pressed

Hi all its me Quincy. I took my blog back over. There is still a somber mood here in the muddy world of the mud man. Mom is still very upset over Peaches. Dad says its because she is pregnant and her emotions are "wild". That and Peaches was with mom since she was 7 yrs old and mom had a special bond with her. *Sighs* I sure hope I can live at least that long. So I can be with my mommy that long too.

My mom-mom is doing better than we all thought she would. But Candy and Peanut her other two Pomeranians -- not so much. They both keep searching for her. They still wont go sleep up in bed with mom-mom and pop-pop like they usually do. They have been sleeping down stairs where Peaches spent her time. Mom assured mom-mom that they will eventually stop doing that when they realize that she isn't coming home.

I miss Peaches too -- She was a lively old girl. She was always full of sass. She gave me such a hard time each and every time I went over for a visit. She demanded respect and she got it. Mom tells me she lived with their two huskys Sir Jay and Misty Blue (They crossed the bridge long before I was even born so I never knew them). I have heard stories about them and how I resemble Sir Jay which is part of the reason mom fell in love with me. Peaches also got to live with my big sister Nanook. An of course with me and Tristin too. She was a sassy old girl and a very strong girl to have trained so many sibes and poms. God speed Peaches.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Awww... so sad. We hope your family gets happier soon.

Steve and Kat

The Girl said...

We are so sad to hear that you had to help Peaches to cross the bridge. It is not selfish to wish she was back with you; that's just your love talking. You did the unselfish, loving thing by helping her when she needed it. Be at peace, Peaches, and run free and fast and happy.

It must be especially hard for you to be without Peaches - she was part of your life for practically your *whole* life. We're sending you and your mom good thoughts.

Brown dog kisses
Dannan and The Girl