Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy all around town

What can I say? It was a busy weekend here in PA. We did the Hike N Howl on Saturday with mom and dad. BOY, were there A LOT of huskys there. It was soooo stinking awesome. We got to see a lot of HTH alumni like us. We got to see our foster parents who took care of us before mommy and daddy adopted us. Mom brought her camera along to get pics but somehow it got broken in the car. I swear it wasn't us. Mom is pretty upset about it. So she is gonna see if we can borrow pics from other people to post later in the week.

There was this funny looking husky who walked around on two legs... what a sight that was. Don't tell anyone but my dad was in that.. well in whatever it was. I hear other people were inside it too. That is just creepy.. why would humans wanna be in a husky? Don't they know huskys don't walk around on two legs. An you don't see us walking around on two legs in people clothes or people skin.. Now do you??? I didn't think so!!!

Mom is also a lil sad about something else. . . I don't know if I told anyone or not but she had been taking care of a baby squirrel that fell outta it's nest and got hurt. He was I think, the 4th or 5th one mom has cared for. She was bottle feeding him and doing all the mommy things. An sadly he crossed over the rainbow bridge the morning of the hike. So everyone please say a lil prayer for him.

Oh. . I also forgot to tell everyone we got another ferret sister. Dad brought her home for mom the week before the hike. She is an albino like Romeo. Her name is Princess like our mommy. We have some pics of her but I have to see if mom will give up her camera so I can get the pics off the memory card. Keep an eye out for the pics everyone shes adorable!!

Sunday was an awesome day.. Our friend Indy came over with his mom and we got to play. He is so much fun I can't till we get to play again. Tristin really liked Indy he wanted to play with him like he does with me. But everytime Indy tried to play with him he'd roll over and be a baby. Indy's mom sent our mom the pics she took so we will have to find them and post them later in the week.


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

how did we miss meeting you at the hike!!!!!!??????? huh?

Mud Monster & DWB said...

:-( I don't know we were there all day. We pretty much hung out at crate village all day with our mommy. But we did make our apperance and we were both announced for the alumni parade by our mom and dad.

Kapp pack said...

I was at the hike too....I'm not sure if I met you or not...there were SOOOO many huskys!!!! I think Magnum's mom was that funny 2 legged husky too.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Mud Monster & DWB said...

Yeah, there were a few people who were inside that funny 2 legged husky. Our mommy met you Kelsey your mommys friend had you. Our mom spotted you as soon as she got out of the car. She said you are goregous!!! We saw you too but we didnt get a chance to play! :-(

Holly said...

I'm so jealous of all you who got to go to the hike! It sounds like you all had such a great time! I sure wish I lived closer!