Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tagged again with the new tag game

Hell-woooo everyone. Sorry we have been MIA for a while. Things here have been very crazy over the past week. Last week was a very sad week for all of us. Mommys kids were in the hospitol. Mommy had medic-wol problems she had to attend to. An two of our ferret siblings crossed over the rainbow bridge. Romeo and Juliet are now at the gates of the bridge with our sister Nanook. Just to name a few of the bad things that have happened here. Hence why we have been so scarce.

Anways it seems we have been tagged by our friend Bama. Bama came up with this new tag game that she is calling "The new tag game" it's actually pretty cool. We haven't done this one before. So here's how it works... basically all you have to do is list all the nicknames your human counterparts have for you. So here goes I will go first and then Tristin will do his.

Quincy-> Mud Monster, Puppers, Momma's boy, Doodle-bug, Love-bug, Doodles, Fuzz-butt, Mud-man, Dirty butt, Pup, Frick, Jealous, Lover boy, Garbage-gut, Bottom-less pit, Snuggle buggel, Cuddle pup, Mommys four legged child, Quince,and Q.

Tristin-> DWB (dirty white boy), Knuckle-head, Frack, Momma's boy, Shadow-puppy, White ass (don't ask me I don't particularly like this one either), Fuzz-man, Gentle giant, Tristin two-barks, Bob Barker, Lap pup, Mommy's four legged child, Trist, T, Picky, Love bug.

Hmmm.. We think thats it but I am sure there are a ton more. If we remember anymore I will post them at a later date.

We tag everyone who hasnt already done this yet. This is fun!!! Thanks Bama. Can't wait to see what everyones human counterparts call them.


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Ha, Bob Barker! and the price is right! hee hee

Mud Monster & DWB said...

There is actually a story behind the Bob Barker nickname. When I was in the shelter before HTH picked me up my name was "Bob" and b/c I bark twice... my foster mom started calling me Bob Barker and mommy thought it was cute and its stuck with me. ;-)


Bama said...

That's funny, before Mikki & I joined the pack, Chili was Frick & Cracker was Frack but those have kind of gone by the wayside now. & Mom said "oh, yeah...I forgot Fuzzbutt for Chili, whoohoo.
Give your mama extra love & kisses, sounds like she's had as hard a week as our mom had last week, & the Mullins Clan's mommy has been having it really tough too, maybe the dogstar is in the wrong moon house, (or however that astrology stuff works....) we're keeping our paws crossed that it'll start gettin better soon! Mom says it's heartbreaking losing a furbaby & she's sending siberhugs to your mom, but we all hope the skinkids are doing much better.
Sympathetic manykisses,
Bama & the RHP

Bama said...

I'm a girl!!! That's okay though, I understand, I'm probably gonna be twice as big as everyone else in the house, so the mistake is understandable....

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You have some good nicknames!