Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy, Rescue & Build-A-Husky

Hi every doggie girl and boy. Sorry Tristin and I have been MIA for so long. Our mom and dad have been busy and we couldn't get near the 'puter. Stupid humans!!! The make me so angry sometimes.

Anyways, like I said we have been busy too. Mom and dad are looking at houses and searching for a place for us to live. Can you believe people won't let us come live with them.... HOW RUDE!! Mom actually told this one lady off because she told mom that she could have one of us there but the other couldn't. What the heck kinda crap is that?? So what was mom to do.. Flip a coin and toss one of us out in the streets? Mom told her thanks for wasting her time but no thanks. Good girl mommy!!! I knew she loved us! ;-) Boy are we lucky boys.

Other than that mom started her Christmas shopping for her kids. I overheard her saying to dad that she wanted to get both Tristin and myself new crates. Oh are we looking forward to that. I hope we get them....

Mom is no longer a volunteer for HTH. She left the group a few weeks ago. But she isn't out of rescue completely. I knew she wouldn't be able to not do it. She loves it too much. She is now a member of Mapaw. She loves it and says all the people are wonderful. I can't wait to meet some of them. My mom has good taste in humans. If I do say so myself.

Her and daddy went to the Woman's Humane Society on Saturday to eval a husky that was there with her sibling. But was very happy to find Isis (that was her name) was already adopted pending a yard check. Mommy took down her tag number to check back on her in case her yard check don't pan out. I heard mom-mom saying she was beautiful. She was a red & white 6 month old with blue eyes. Mom-mom said she would have loved to have her come home and live with us. Just what we need around here another pesky kid getting into trouble.

Awe I have to tell everyone this but DON'T tell my mom I told she'll be upset. On Saturday they did some Christmas shopping with her mom and dad. An they had her make/adopt a build a bear husky. Mommy built a husky (DUH) and named her Nanook after our sister that is in heaven. Mommy cried while she was making her. She gave her a heartbeat and when you squeeze her her heart really beats. I heard daddy saying that mommy had everyone in there crying and in tears. She named her Nanook after our sister and even got her a birth certificate. She said it was in remembrance of the love of her life. I am glad mommy got to do that for my sister!!


Kapp pack said...

We are so glad your mom joined MaPaw. We can't wait to meet both of you! That Build a husky story was very sweet.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Mud Monster & DWB said...

We are very glad she did too. Tristin and I can't wait to meet you too Kelsey. We saw you at the hike too but you weren't with your mommy. Are you going to the play date on Sunday? We are trying to make mom and dad bring us.

Quincy & Tristin

Bama said...

Happy Howl-a-ween, & welcome back, guys. We've all missed you. Our BoogieBoy built a Build-a-bear Husky for one of his 8th birthday presents. That was the same year he got Chili for his very own, so when he saw the husky (bear), there was no question...
Bama & the RHP
BTW, we love looking at your pictures on our HTH cookbook (specially since if it's out & we can see it, that means we're gonna get TREATS!)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey you two! It sounds like you've been up to a lot. New crates for Christmas sounds cool. However, I think you should ask for a new crate full of treats!!