Friday, December 14, 2007

We're famous & New House

Hi everyone -- I know, I know we have been gone a long long while. But for good reason. We moved -- It finally happened mom and dad got us a house with a HUGE backyard. The fence is 6ft high and there is something called "L barb wire" at the top. Our yard isn't quite as big as our grandparents but its still big!!! An according to mommy its safe for us too!!

Oh and I have I mentioned we are famous now!! Not only did we make the cover of HTH's Cookbook but we are now on the faces of clocks. My mom and dad are making and selling clocks. They can make them with pictures of anything or anyone. I will show you pictures of a few of them that Mommy and Daddy made:

That one is obviously of me the Mud man, Quincy.

This one is -- We'll duh. The DWB Tristin.

An those two are of our sister Nanook. The only difference in the two of them is the back round color of the clocks.

Mommy has made other clocks other than Huskies but I don't personally see a point in posting pictures of them. They are cute and all but lets just be honest they aren't Huskies.

I do wanna put out there that mommy can make these clocks for anyone with any picture you want in them. Just message me and I will put you in contact with my mommy to discuss details. ;-)

We should be back in the swing of things right after the Holidays are over. We didn't forget about all our pals. We love and Miss you all VERY much!!

Love & Licks,
Quincy & Tristin

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That's so cool that you're famous. Congrats on your new house. I wish we had a yard, but we will just have to live through you. Ha, ha!