Monday, January 14, 2008


Hi everyone,

Lord knows there has been a boat load of sadness lately. An I am sorry to say I must add to that boat. On top of us and our mommy being so very upset about all the sadness the Brats and Maryann have endured these past few months. We have our own boat of sadness to unleash on our blogging friends.

We haven't been around much these past few days because our cousin Sammy had to be helped over the Bridge on Saturday morning. Sammy was our aunts cat. Who according to our mommy has been a part of the family since long before she even became a part of it. While we aren't cat dogs he really was a cool cat. He was the only one of the cats at pop-pop's who would hang out when we went there to visit. Mom says he was almost 19 years old.

On top of that one of our ferret brothers is very ill and mommy has been nursing him almost around the clock for well over 48 hours now. He is getting up there in ferret age but mommy said she isn't ready to say goodbye yet. His vet told her that so long as she can get him to eat and he is in her opinion alright to just keep doing what shes doing. Mommy is very good with ferrets -- She kept Romeo and Juliet to live well past what normal ferrets live in captivity.

So that's why we have been scarce. Not only that but our mom has been busy planning her bipeds 3rd birthday party. An shes been "fixing up" our house. So things have been busy to say the least. We promise after the bipeds party to be on more often.

I am going to close this post with a few pics of our beloved cousin Sammy. RIP dear Sammy. You will be greatly missed...


Turbo the Sibe said...

Sorry to hear about Sammy and your ferret brother. We are thinking of woo!

Mud Monster & DWB said...

Thank woo Turbo. Unfornuately Macbeth -- Our ferret brother crossed over the bridge last night.

Teary eyed,