Friday, January 11, 2008

Prayers for Durango and the Brat Pack

Hi everyone

I am writing to you all to ask you all to please please please say a prayer for our dear friends The Brat Pack and Durango

Since the loss of Thrawn the brats mommy adopted a puppy named Durango and it turns out the poor lil guy has parvo. :-( This is no joke -- I know I myself am a parvo survivor. So I am begging that everyone say a prayer for Durango and the Brats that Durango's transfusion works. So he can get better and have the life he so dearly deserves.

Im going to sign off for now but know my paws are tightly crossed and the Brats and Maryann are in my prayers!!!



Kapp pack said...

We've been following Durango's story. We are sending major intense Sibe vibes for him to get better!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

DVSHR said...

Hey, Quincy. I just stopped by from Sasha's blog to introduce myself. It's very sad about Durango.

Bama said...

We've gone & left our sympathy & support message for Durango's mom & the rest of the pack. This is so terribly sad and really just unfair that someone so loving & caring should have to go through this again, so soon. Keeping them all in our prayers.
Bama & the RHP