Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayers for Our Cousin Candy

I was hoping to get everyone to say a prayer for our cousin Candy. I stole mums camera and stole the picture of Candy that I posted above. Mom was talking to mom-mom last Friday night and Candy was "hacking" and sounded bad. So mum got up bright and early Saturday morning to take her in. Mum sat in the vets office from 11am till 2pm. Candy has a heart murmor and needs to be on medication. Which is apparently will need to be on for the rest of her life. Once her condition stabilizes she needs to go have her teeth cleaned and have an echo-cardigram. So mum has been traveling back and forth to mom-moms twice a day to give Candy her medication. Mum said that she isn't hacking as much but shes still hacking. Which her vet (who is my vet) said would be the case. So everyone please say a prayer for my cousin Candy.


Holly said...

Poor Candy!! We will say a prayer and hope for the best! Please keep us updated!


The Army of Four said...

Sweet Candy! We will remember her in our prayers! I hope she continues to feel better!