Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Introductions

Let us first start off by introducing ourselves. We are the zoo crews ferrets. There are 5 of us, 'Nova or Casanova, Oreo, P.I.P for Pretty in Pink (I am albino), Lil' Foot and Petry. We are the resident ferrets of the zoo crew. Most of us have been adopted by mum. Living here is pretty awesome, we get about 3 hours free roam around the house in the AM. Then at night after the kiddies go to bed we get another 3 so it's pretty sweet. I guess It's safe to say we are living the sweet life. We have a pretty large cage (word around the zoo is we are getting a bigger one when income comes in), toys, hammocks, sacks, beds, good food and tons of goodies. We like most ferrets we LOVE to sleep and do it ALOT! *Yawns* -- Speaking of sleep I think it's time for us to take a nap. Was nice meeting and introducing ourselves to everyone. We look forward to blogging with all of yous. We just hope and pray your all as nice as our buddy Quincy!! *Yawns* Have a fun-filled ferret-tastic day all!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Maybe instead of a bigger cage, you should get tunnels all over your house. We saw that once on TV.


Mud Monster said...

Oh Steve -- We have those and aren't so fond of them. We have a lot of toys. But we LOVE cat toys. An they are completely safe for us. Catnip don't effect us like it does those silly kitties. ;-)

The OP Pack said...

Nice to meet all of you. Maybe you can get your Mom to show us some pics of you.

Play bows, Phantom and Thunder