Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just me Freckles aka Spaz

Hello fellow bloggers. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Freckles but my family calls me Spaz. I am a European Black Bear Hamster. . Roarrr. No, just kidding about the roar part. Sorry hamster humor. Anyways I am the resident hamster in the Savage family zoo crew. I came to live with the crew about 2 months ago. I had a home but my owners decided they couldn't keep me any longer. Some nonsense about me keeping them up all night long, Whatever. So I like to run on my wheel at night and I like to hoard my food on it while I am doing it. Don't let itty bitty me keep you up. I mean geesh those people snored ungodly and they didn't care about keeping me up all day when they wanted to poke and prod at me. I never bit them or threw them outta their home, now did I?! The nerve of some people!! Anyways my former owners brought me into my mums work where she immediately thought I was absolutely adorable but was apprehensive of taking in another member. Because she was nervous around hamsters as everyone shes ever cared for has bitten her. She dove right in like a good mum does and grabbed me. I screamed because I was scared and yelled and hollered but she stood her ground. An since no one else at her work wanted me or wanted to adopt me. Mum called dad and the rest is zoo crew history. I must admit I am pretty glad I got to come live here. I got pretty sweet dibs, I get to sleep all day. I get fresh fruits and veggies daily. Including but not limited to carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, grapes, apples, and even an occasional dog cookie. But lets not tell Quincy that one. I don't want him hating me and wanting to eat me. He already has a cow when I get to go in my pretty pink exercise ball. He will try to roll me around with his nose and I go spinning in circles. Really freaks me out, was fun at first but he just don't stop. Luckily mum lets me in my ball when all the bipeds are in bed and so is Quincy and most of the other crew members. She allows me to be a hamster and accommodates my schedule. Which is pretty rocking. ;-) Oh and for those of you who are curious as to how I got the name "Spaz". Its because I like to scream and holler a lot. Mum says I spaz out. LOL. Here are a few pics of me for your enjoyment. Thanks everyone for letting me introduce myself and babble. Hope to get to know all of your personally.

Freckles aka Spaz


The Thundering Herd said...

We have lots of Black Bears around here and they look bigger than you. Or you cage is HUGE!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

When my mom was a kid, she wanted a hamster, but her parents said no. Maybe she should have said she wanted a black bear instead!