Thursday, January 7, 2010

Introducing Brownie & Pepper

Hello fellow bloggers. Brownie and Pepper here. Zoo crews resident female gerbils. We are sisters and came to live with the zoo crew in June 2009. We were born in May 2009. Mum says she never considered having us (gerbils) as pets. But she fell in love with us because we were so sweet hence how we became members of the now famous "Zoo Crew". Brownie (me) is the brown colored one & my sister Pepper is black and white. Our mums middle son named us. He says we are his "gerr-billz."

This is a pic of me Brownie. Ain't I cute??

This is my sister Pepper. She's pretty cute too!!

Pepper again.

Me again in an action photo.

This is a picture of our crib if you may. It's pretty sweet mum spoils us rotten!! Minimum requirements for 2 gerbils is a 10 gallon tank. Plastic is not recommended for gerbils. For those of you who aren't familiar with our species. We are expert chewers and can chew through blown ceramic! So we chew a lot and destroy plastic enclosures pretty quickly. Hence why its recommended to keep us in glass aquariums with secure lids. ;-) Anyways back to our home like I was saying its an aquarium. A 29 gallon to be exact and mum does it up nice. Its girlie and she changes it once a week and moves around the decor and adds/removes things each week to keep us stimulated and happy.
I guess for now that's about all. We look forward to blogging with all of yous. Thanks for listening to me babble about my sister and I. If you have any questions about gerbils or gerbil care or housing. Ask, I'd be happy to fill you in. ;-)
Have a blessed day everyone!!
Brownie & Pepper


The OP Pack said...

Hi Brownie and Pepper - wow, you really do have quite the zoo there. Mom said her girls had a hamster once, but she had to clean the cage and hated it. But she does admit that he was a cutie and it was fun to watch him play.

Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

Mud Monster said...

Yep and there a still plenty of us yet to still introduce ourselves. Including a hamster. :-)