Friday, January 29, 2010

New Dibs

Bunny hellos to all the bloggers out there. Snowball here and guess what. . I FOUND MY FUR-EVER HOME!!! I am now officially a full fledged member of the "Zoo Crew". Bun-Woos!! Mum and dad made the announcement last night when they went out and spend a bun-load of money on widdle-ole-me. I got a new cage, a hiding/eating house, toys, a new water bottle, a new litter pan. Yes, I am litter trained! I am so bunny-cited and happy. My new cage is HUGE, almost three times the size of what I am accustomed to living in. Its almost as big as Quincy's dog crate. Its higher, bigger and has way more fun stuff in it. I am a very happy bunny. Since I came to stay here with the zoo crew my life has improved three fold. I now know what love and safety and fruits and veggies are!! An let me tell you they are all awesome things. I have also included a bunny load of pics for your enjoyment. Check out the new dibs! ;-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just me Freckles aka Spaz

Hello fellow bloggers. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Freckles but my family calls me Spaz. I am a European Black Bear Hamster. . Roarrr. No, just kidding about the roar part. Sorry hamster humor. Anyways I am the resident hamster in the Savage family zoo crew. I came to live with the crew about 2 months ago. I had a home but my owners decided they couldn't keep me any longer. Some nonsense about me keeping them up all night long, Whatever. So I like to run on my wheel at night and I like to hoard my food on it while I am doing it. Don't let itty bitty me keep you up. I mean geesh those people snored ungodly and they didn't care about keeping me up all day when they wanted to poke and prod at me. I never bit them or threw them outta their home, now did I?! The nerve of some people!! Anyways my former owners brought me into my mums work where she immediately thought I was absolutely adorable but was apprehensive of taking in another member. Because she was nervous around hamsters as everyone shes ever cared for has bitten her. She dove right in like a good mum does and grabbed me. I screamed because I was scared and yelled and hollered but she stood her ground. An since no one else at her work wanted me or wanted to adopt me. Mum called dad and the rest is zoo crew history. I must admit I am pretty glad I got to come live here. I got pretty sweet dibs, I get to sleep all day. I get fresh fruits and veggies daily. Including but not limited to carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, grapes, apples, and even an occasional dog cookie. But lets not tell Quincy that one. I don't want him hating me and wanting to eat me. He already has a cow when I get to go in my pretty pink exercise ball. He will try to roll me around with his nose and I go spinning in circles. Really freaks me out, was fun at first but he just don't stop. Luckily mum lets me in my ball when all the bipeds are in bed and so is Quincy and most of the other crew members. She allows me to be a hamster and accommodates my schedule. Which is pretty rocking. ;-) Oh and for those of you who are curious as to how I got the name "Spaz". Its because I like to scream and holler a lot. Mum says I spaz out. LOL. Here are a few pics of me for your enjoyment. Thanks everyone for letting me introduce myself and babble. Hope to get to know all of your personally.

Freckles aka Spaz

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zoo Crew Updates

Hello fellow bloggers. It's me Quincy things here are slowly getting back to normal. Mum has finally come to grips with the fact that crew memebers Eclipse, Laa Laa & Cera are gone. We all actually have finally come to accept it. Yes, it stinks but it is. I really think that the addition of Snowball has helped heal the hurt for everyone. Mum finally told dad that shes staying and dad did his usual pick on the newbie thing. Which in our house means that the bunny is here to stay. So those of you who said she was staying were right. Mum and dad are currently searching out a new home for Snowball. I personally ain't very fond of Ms. Snowball. But she makes mum and the bipeds happy so I deal. I really would like to eat her but I promised mum I wouldn't. Oops did I say that allowed?!?!? Sorry.

Anyways I haven't posted any new pics recently on account of all the drama and cuz mums computer was on the "ritz" . . Does that sound right? Anyways I found this one on mums computer and it was from this past snow storm. Right before the AO4 posted about the snow monster stealing all the snow. . . Man I miss this!!. . . Enjoy. . .

Monday, January 18, 2010


I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Everyone here is down and depressed about the status of things here with the crew. With the passing of Eclipse and Laa Laa and now Cera noone is really speaking much. Mum is trying to put on her happy vasad but it's obvious to me that she isn't. Her oldest biped is about to turn 5 and shes panning a party for him. It's going to be on this Saturday which is cool because it means I get to spend the weekend at my Aunts with my brother Tristin. So that's a positive I am looking forward to playing with him and the rest of my brothers siblings. My Aunt has 7 dogs -- all Huskys!! Yes that's a total of 8 huskys all under one roof!! Good times!

Things are scattered and all over the place at best. The whole crew is aloof. Dad came home with a big surprise yesterday. He brought home a bunny rabbit. Yes, A rabbit this is supposed to be a dwarf rabbit. To which mum says she is doubtful it is. Mum wasn't exactly thrilled about the concept of a bunny coming to live with us. But dad said it was a "foster rabbit" that would only stay till mum could find her a suitable home. A friend of our family's was going to dump this bunny off at a shelter who was going to euthanize it. She is currently only 6 months old. (The owner said the didn't if it was a he/she. So mum sexed it and it's a she.) So dad said no we would take it in till mum could find it (her) a home. Hence how Snowball because part of the zoo crew. Or at least for now a part of the zoo crew. . .

Mum is still swearing shes only a foster. But I know otherwise, I know my mum. Aside from that Snowball looks just like mums childhood rabbit Cuddles. So the lucky bunny hit the jackpot! Mum introduced her to fresh veggies and she loves them. I don't think her previous parents gave her much in the means of the creature comforts like we are accustomed to. But she will learn just as we did. ;-)

Mum was NOT happy about the rabbits (now named Snowball) living conditions. Her cage was tiny, dirty and they had kitty litter in her litter pan. They sent her with plenty of hay, a bowl full of food, and moldy chew sticks and treats. I mean come on -- seriously -- Not in this house!! So dad, mum and the bipeds went out last night and spend money on new things for the "foster bunny". The only thing mum didn't pick out was a new cage for her yet. She claimed she "didn't like any the store had" "None were big enough for her.".

Dad has already joking told mum to stop kidding herself that he knows Snowball isn't going anywheres. He said our house is like the catch all for all unwanted/unloved critters. To which mum replies and this is a bad thing how?? Then dad says "I didn't say it was a bad thing darling." So yeah I am putting my money on the fact that Snowball is going to become a perminate member of the zoo crew. But that part I guess it to be continued. . . .

I have enclosed a few pics of her for all your enjoyment. ;-) Hope you like em.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbyes. . .

All of us here at the Savage Zoo have decided that were are going to pull the plug on our blog. We don't have enough followers to stress out about posting each day. We wish you all well and hope you all have wonderful lives. So yeah goodbye and good luck everyone. It was fun while it lasted. . . . XoXo
Quincy & The Savage Zoo.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just good ole me!

Haaaa--Rooo! I miss you all! XoXo

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just me -- Pumpkin

Hello everyone. Pumpkin here, Zoo Crew's resident Guinea Pig. I am 8 months old and am female. I like snuggling in my blankie, being cuddled and doing normal Guinea Pig things. Such as popping, squeaking, and eating. Some of my favorite foods are my hay, baby peeled carrots, lettuce, apples, a grape, apples, oranges broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens. Yeah -- I like pretty much all of it. I am a long haired guinea pig. Mum says shes always seen pics of them but never had one. When she got me she didn't know I was going to be a long haired guinea. You have to brush us a lot or our hair mattes up on us. Quincy tells me I might just be part Siberian as I HATE being brushed. I always try to run away or I scream. Then I will roll over and try to eat the brush. Haha. I will leave you all with a cute picture of me snuggled up in my favorite blankie. Hope you all have a guinea-tasic day. Was a pleasure meeting and introducing myself to you. I look forward to getting to know you all personally.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Introducing Brownie & Pepper

Hello fellow bloggers. Brownie and Pepper here. Zoo crews resident female gerbils. We are sisters and came to live with the zoo crew in June 2009. We were born in May 2009. Mum says she never considered having us (gerbils) as pets. But she fell in love with us because we were so sweet hence how we became members of the now famous "Zoo Crew". Brownie (me) is the brown colored one & my sister Pepper is black and white. Our mums middle son named us. He says we are his "gerr-billz."

This is a pic of me Brownie. Ain't I cute??

This is my sister Pepper. She's pretty cute too!!

Pepper again.

Me again in an action photo.

This is a picture of our crib if you may. It's pretty sweet mum spoils us rotten!! Minimum requirements for 2 gerbils is a 10 gallon tank. Plastic is not recommended for gerbils. For those of you who aren't familiar with our species. We are expert chewers and can chew through blown ceramic! So we chew a lot and destroy plastic enclosures pretty quickly. Hence why its recommended to keep us in glass aquariums with secure lids. ;-) Anyways back to our home like I was saying its an aquarium. A 29 gallon to be exact and mum does it up nice. Its girlie and she changes it once a week and moves around the decor and adds/removes things each week to keep us stimulated and happy.
I guess for now that's about all. We look forward to blogging with all of yous. Thanks for listening to me babble about my sister and I. If you have any questions about gerbils or gerbil care or housing. Ask, I'd be happy to fill you in. ;-)
Have a blessed day everyone!!
Brownie & Pepper

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Introductions

Let us first start off by introducing ourselves. We are the zoo crews ferrets. There are 5 of us, 'Nova or Casanova, Oreo, P.I.P for Pretty in Pink (I am albino), Lil' Foot and Petry. We are the resident ferrets of the zoo crew. Most of us have been adopted by mum. Living here is pretty awesome, we get about 3 hours free roam around the house in the AM. Then at night after the kiddies go to bed we get another 3 so it's pretty sweet. I guess It's safe to say we are living the sweet life. We have a pretty large cage (word around the zoo is we are getting a bigger one when income comes in), toys, hammocks, sacks, beds, good food and tons of goodies. We like most ferrets we LOVE to sleep and do it ALOT! *Yawns* -- Speaking of sleep I think it's time for us to take a nap. Was nice meeting and introducing ourselves to everyone. We look forward to blogging with all of yous. We just hope and pray your all as nice as our buddy Quincy!! *Yawns* Have a fun-filled ferret-tastic day all!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello fellow bloggers, Dana here -- Quincy & The zoo crews mum. As some of you may have read the crew and I suffered a major loss this past weekend. Both our beloved conures Eclipse and Laa Laa passed away. Then yesterday one of our beloved rats Cera is very ill and appears to be dying. Things are rough right now for us all. We are having a very hard time dealing with all the loss. The kids (whom the birds belonged to) are taking it hardest of all. Told me I was a liar because I told them they could keep their birds forever. :-( That really tore me up inside. How do you explain to a 4 and 3 year old that god wanted them so he took them. That now they are happy and flying free watching over us?!?! Losing loved ones is never easy this I believe goes without saying. But the whole house is off. Our cockatiel is confused she isn't singing like she usually does and she is just -- depressed. The house is for a lack of better words -- Quiet. Ironic usually I wouldn't say this is a bad thing. But in this case I have to make an exception. I miss their screams. I miss hearing Eclipse scream at me for his "goodies" and then saying "Whatcha doing?" "I will be a good boy, I promise". Then his sinister laughter. I miss Laa Laa screaming "Whats good" "Pretty birdie". It's too quiet around here!!. . . .
The kids want to get "new birds". But I am not ready to go down that road just yet. There are no replacements for them. They were one of kind kinda birds. Does that make sense?? I tried to explain to them that we needed to heal. Michael tried to tell them we were just going to spend time with the zoo crew and make them all happy. They seemed OK with that. My mother is bitching at me saying I have to get the kids replacement birds. Am I wrong or selfish for not wanting to get "replacement" birds??
I just don't know. I am not handling this at all. I don't want to and I can't, not yet.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Horrific Tragedy

Morning everyone. I believe the title says it all. I know we were supposed to start off the new years by introducing the rest of the zoo crew. We'll sadly we are starting off the new years with a tremendous loss. The zoo crew is now down by 2 members. Sadly Eclipse and Laa Laa Birdie have both crossed the birdie bridge and are no longer with us. I would just like to take this time to remember them as the wonderful fun birds they were. God speed Eclipse and Laa Laa Birdie. Although you are gone you are not forgotten and will be with us all always. We will forever miss you both dearly. . . . .